The usage of polyethylene in the cable industry has been rapidly growing for the last 20 years, especially for sheathing and insulation applications of power and communication cables.

Polyethylene shows a number of decisive advantages compared to alternative materials :

  Good mechanical (tensile, flexural, surface) properties over a wide range of temperatures

  Very low temperature of fragilization

  Excellent abrasion resistance

  High resistance to notches and cracks

  Excellent resistance to chemical agents and oils

  Low moisture vapor transmission rate

  Low dielectric constant

  High dielectric strength

  Excellent aging resistance and long-term preservation of properties


The excellent rheological properties of polyethylene allow easy extrusion and consistent quality of the finished product.

The Total Petrochemicals MDPE and HDPE cable sheathing grades allow on top of the above mentioned characteristics the choice of specific properties like flexibility, strength, and medium or high surface hardness.